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Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Kyle Cushing is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. A Licensed Clinical Psychologist has earned a doctoral degree in psychology, has practiced for at least one year under the supervision of a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and has passed the state licensure examination covering all aspects of clinical psychology. Clinical Psychologists are trained in the evaluation and treatment of all mental, emotional, behavioral and developmental disorders, and are the only type of mental health professional qualified to utilize psychological testing as a part of their evaluations.

Dr. Kyle Cushing has over 15 years of practice experience and also holds a certification as a Consulting Forensic Examiner.

Dr. Kyle Cushing earned his certification as a Consulting Forensic Examiner while completing his post-doctoral fellowship at the Center for Forensic Psychiatry in Ann Arbor, Michigan (affiliated with the University of Michigan). While working as a Forensic Psychologist, he completed numerous forensic psychological evaluations under the supervision of the past president of the American Board of Forensic Psychology (Dr. Steve Bank).

A significant part of Dr. Cushing's training involved his internship through the Fort Worth Independent School District. As such, Dr. Cushing has significant training and experience in:

  • Assessing children's learning style and thinking abilities, developmental issues and behavioral and emotional functioning
  • Diagnosing conditions like ADHD and Learning Disabilities that interfere with academic performance
  • Developing appropriate educational interventions, accommodations and programming to meet students' academic needs
  • Identifying instructional techniques that support the teaching process and maximize learning and school adjustment
  • Formulating Individual Educational Programs (IEP's) and 504 classroom Academic Accommodations plans
  • Determining which, if any, special education and/or remedial programs or tutoring best meet students' academic needs
  • Sharing detailed evaluation data and specific recommendations verbally and in written reports with parents and teachers