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Individual Counseling/Psychotherapy


Counseling or psychotherapy can be helpful to anyone who feels they need to make a change in their life, find a new direction, deal with troubling issues, or strengthen their relationships. Dr. Kyle Cushing fully understands the need for people to feel safe and comfortable once they have decided to share their private life experiences with a therapist. He does his best to put people at ease during the first session while empathically listening to their reasons for initiating therapy. He then will work with a client to define therapy goals and determine how they can be met in the shortest period of time.

Dr. Cushing's model of counseling is short term, insight oriented (educational), and solution focused. While his theoretical orientation is fairly eclectic, his approach with most clientele is generally cognitive-based. Simply put, Dr. Cushing believes most problems are highly associated with our thoughts, which then link to our feelings and behavior. By identifying problematic thought processes, Dr. Cushing helps clients better understand their thinking style and how they can work to change it. Such changes often lead to improved mental health, more fulfilling relationships, and increased productivity at work. Dr. Cushing's clients can expect complete confidentiality, undivided attention, and the utmost respect during the therapeutic relationship.

For more information, or if you wish to schedule an initial appointment, please contact Dr. Cushing by phone or email.