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Marriage/Couples Therapy


Marriage or relationship counseling is a special type of mental health service where partners meet face to face with a trained therapist in a private and confidential setting. In this setting, the couple expresses their feelings, problems, and frustrations about themselves and their partner. Through the skilled interventions of the therapist, the couple is able to identify mutual goals and establish a more positive and satisfying way of interacting. One of the most important aspects of marital therapy involves training couples in the art of effective communication and mutual compromise.

Issues such as infidelity, sexual frustrations, lack of intimacy/affection, lack of conversation, differing recreational interests, work stresses, and child rearing stresses can be talked out and worked through in a nonthreatening, encouraging, and unbiased setting. When one individual is uncertain or confused about their marriage or relationship, individual counseling can help that person come to an informed decision about what to do next.

Divorce Prevention is a marriage counseling approach where the client is the "marriage." The purpose of such relationship therapy is to "save" the marriage. In order to do so, both partners must be willing to engage in a productive dialogue, listen to one another, and rediscover what made them fall in love in the first place. Divorce prevention is not appropriate or realistic for every couple.

Unfortunately, marital therapy does not work in every case, and sometimes the healthiest option is for the relationship to end. Divorce Recovery is an approach that focuses on how to divorce in the most healthy way possible, especially when children are involved. If the couple has children, Co-Parenting Counseling can help the couple learn to parent as effectively as possible from two separate homes.

The good news is that marital counseling does help in the majority of cases. A recent study in a leading consumer magazine clearly indicates that the large majority of couples engaged in marital counseling experience a marked improvement in their relationship. It is important to consider, however, the importance of addressing marital problems as soon as they arise.

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