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Sex Offender Evaluation and Treatment


Dr. Kyle Cushing has specialized training and experience in the evaluation and treatment of sex offenders. Dr. Cushing has completed a one-year, post-doctoral fellowship through the Wisconsin Sex Offender Treatment Network, and he has evaluated and treated all types of juvenile and adult sex offenders during his time in private practice.

Sexual offenses are committed by individuals with a wide array of psychological problems, and it is essential to identify any underlying psychological disorder that predisposed the individual to commit a sexual offense. While most, if not all, sex offenders meet the diagnostic criteria for one or more of the sexual disorders, many offenders are also diagnosed with additional psychological disorders requiring treatment. Mental retardation, pervasive developmental disorders (e.g., autism/Asperger's), mood disorders (e.g., bipolar disorder), psychotic disorders, personality disorders, and substance abuse can all influence an individual's sexual behavior, leading to a sexual offense. The goal of a sex offender/psychological evaluation is to recommend treatment that will minimize the potential for additional sexual offenses in the future.

Sex offender evaluations require a review of all documents relevant to the offense, including statements to the police, prior psychological evaluations, witness and victim statements, and any past criminal record. Dr. Kyle Cushing also conducts several hours of interviews with the client and administers psychological and sexual interest testing as appropriate. The final report will summarize evaluation findings and provide specific treatment recommendations, as well as present an informed prognosis (based on well researched clinical constructs) regarding the likelihood for future criminal sexual behavior.

Dr. Kyle Cushing is also the only psychologist in the area who administers and interprets the Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest-2 (AASI-2). The AASI-2 is an objective method for evaluating deviant sexual interest. It also provides baseline data, treatment planning guidance, and evaluation of progress throughout the treatment process of a sex offender.

For more information about sex offender evaluation and treatment, please contact Dr. Cushing by phone or email.