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Sport Psychology


Sport psychology research strongly suggests that as athletes move up into the elite ranks, mental training skills become as important as the physical side of the sport. Despite acknowledging the importance of these skills, most athletes spend much less time, if any, on honing their mental abilities than on their physical training. Why? Usually because most athletes do not know how to practice their mental skills.

Dr. Kyle Cushing helps athletes and coaches learn about, effectively practice, and master the relevant mental skills of their respective sport. While mental skill knowledge will not help an athlete overcome a lack of physical skill, it can make the difference between success and failure for many athletes. Athletes who have practiced their mental skills are better able to:

  • Perform more consistently across competitions
  • Recover their composure more quickly after a mistake or distraction
  • Perform at their best when the pressure is on

Dr. Kyle Cushing believes athletes can easily learn basic mental skills such as imagery, goal setting, energy management, effective self talk, concentration, mental preparation, self confidence, and how to better handle the pressure of competition.

In addition to performance enhancement and mental skills training (as described above), Dr. Kyle Cushing also counsels athletes for any other life circumstances that may be impacting their abilities to perform at their best. Dr. Cushing often counsels athletes, parents, and coaches for relationship issues, communication skills, career issues, family problems, and mood disorders such as depression and/or anxiety.

For more information, or to schedule an initial consultation, please contact Dr. Cushing by phone or email.